Mac Users Beware: Black Hole RAT Backdoor Trojan Now Available

People I know who are Apple users are quick to tell me how much better the Mac platform is, from a security standpoint.  I try to point out that this is more a case of security by obscurity than any real inherent security.  What I mean is this – the Windows environment is a much larger target; there are twenty Windows machines for every Mac.  If you are going to writer code to attack and control computers, why wouldn’t you write for the operating system that is the most prevalent?

Well, Apple has had its gains, not just with the iPhone and iPad, but in the Mac OSX platform of desktop and laptop PCs.  And that success seems to be attracting the bad guys to the platform.

Security vendor Sophos has  released an article that describes the exploit, and is complete with screen shots.  While it appears that this exploit is under development still – in beta, if you will – it does foreshadow the need for security software on the Mac platform.  If you are a Mac user, the original article is worth a read.


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