Lenovo Users Alert–Uninstall Superfish Now!

It has been reported that Lenovo computers have been shipped with a nifty piece of bloatware called Superfish that can break an encrypted session, track users online, and allow malicious attackers to take over an online transaction.  this program needs to be uninstalled TODAY!

Lenovo has apologized, explaining that they were unaware of the negative security aspects of this adware program, and has posted an uninstall program on their website.  There are also great step-by-step illustrated instructions on Sophos.  This uninstallation requires the removal of a security certificate too, so everything cannot be accomplished in the Programs and Features applet of the Control Panel.

Why is all this crapware on your computer in the first place.  All computer manufacturers (except Apple, of course) suffer from very slim profit margins, and they augment the thin hardware margins by providing a conduit for software developers to deliver a variety of trialware applications to buyers of new computers.  This collection of unnecessary software is sometimes called “bloatware” or “crapware” or PUPS (potentially unwanted programs).  The solution to this issue can be as simple as opening the Control Panel and uninstalling these programs when you start your new PC for the first time.  I will usually install a genuine Microsoft version of the operating system over the provided OS in order get a pristine copy of Windows without all the special manufacturer branded utilities and bloatware installs, and then install my own applications from there. 

Anyway, the important thing is to get Superfish off your system today.

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