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linux-logoAlthough my very first PC user experience was on an Apple IIe back in 1984, I have really been a Windows guy for the most part.  Got on my first Windows PC back around 1991, and bought my first Windows PC (Windows 3.11) in 1994.  I do have an iMac in my current computer collection.  But lately I have been playing around more and more in the Linux platform, both Ubuntu and, of course, Kali Linux (Kali is for hackers and security professionals).  Linux has come to the place where an average computer user from either the Windows or Apple camp would be comfortable in the the Linux GUI.  Thinking of giving Linux a try?  I can recommend it.

But it is helpful and even important to know a smattering of command line tools.  Because I still consider myself to be a bit of a noob on Linux, I am always on the lookout for helpful tutorials.

So here are a couple I ran across lately.  The first is from Tech Republic and titled “The first five Linux command-line apps every admin should learn.”  This tutorial covers man (the manual) basically similar to help in Windows.  Then ls which will list the content of your directories (folders).  The mv command lets you move a file or directory from one place to another in the file system.  rm lets you remove or delete files or directories.  And grep allows you to actual write to or modify a configuration file.

Ready to go deeper?  Then the Linux tutorial on Ryan’s Tutorials is for you.  He covers a lot of material in a total of 14 sections starting with the Command Line, covering Navigation, Files, Manuals, Text Editing, Permission, Grep, and other topics, ending up with Scripting.

Of course there are great video tutorials on Cybrary and Udemy, too.  If you are taking the plunge into Linux, take some time to check these sites out.



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