Learn About The Secrets of Windows 8

It is Community Education season again at WyzGuys, and I am teaching at 9 districts this year.  The first class offering is The Secrets of Windows 8.

Who moved my cheese! Windows 8 is Microsoft’s newest operating system and represents an entirely new look on the desktop. It is completely optimized for the touch screen monitor or tablet. What happened to the Start Menu? We will compare the differences and similarities between the new Windows 8 system and Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Explore many of the new features and hidden secrets of Windows 8. This class is NOT held in the computer lab, but the instructor will provide handouts and screen demonstrations.  You care encouraged to bring your own laptop if you wish

The schedule is:

You must pre-register with the District of your choice prior to class.  I have no way to accept registrations at the class.  That said, I look forward to seeing you at this or another class soon.


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