Happy Birthday Microsoft Windows–25 years old

So as it turns out, this year Microsoft Windows turns 25.  Windows 1.0 was launched in November 20, 1985, and was the first Windows operating system to feature a graphical user interface, and required the use a mouse.  Until then it had all been DOS PCs, or terminals connected to mainframes, and everything was done with keyboard commands using the Function, Alt, and Ctrl keys.  The Mac OS had been released a year earlier.

My first experience with a personal computer was in 1988, on an Apple IIe at a small company I was working for at the time.  In 1990 I was introduced to my first IBM PC clone running Windows 3.0 at another company I worked for.   The first computer I personally owned was a 286 PC running Windows 3.11 for Workgroups on DOS 6.0. I think it had 8 MB(that’s right megabytes, not gigabytes) of RAM.  The first computer I personal built from scratch was a Pentium 1 machine that ran Windows 98.

So I have used every Windows version in Windows 3.0, including NT4 and 5.  I was fortunate to have missed Windows ME, which was an abysmal flop as far as I was concerned, but by then I was starting my computer support business, and I had clients who owned computers running ME.

And now we have Windows 7, which for me has been my favorite Windows OS of all time – so far.  Windows 7 just works, and I’ve successfully installed Windows 7 on even older Pentium 4 systems without a problem, as long as there is at least 2 GB of RAM.  Do we really need the cool Aero effects – heck no, but they are just so awesome!  Who says a computer shouldn’t be fun?

Anyway – Happy Birthday Windows.  Here’s mud in your eye!


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