Google Gadgets for Web Pages

I am working with a Google Gadget that is supposed to allow me to publish my most recent web posts via my RSS feed at FeedBurner.  This posting is, in fact, a test case to see if it works.

I found instructions for this at the Digital Inspiration web blog.

Let’s see how it works.  My test page is at

…….time passes…….

Huh!  Not working as advertised.  I suspect I may be doing something wrong, but exactly what I am not sure.

……more time passes…..

I am on Dynamic Drive, looking for another JavaScript code solution (why didn’t I try them first?  Addicted to the Goog.)  They mention something about placing the code inside a div.  So I tried it with the Google code to see what happened.  And I can report with some reasonable assurance – NOTHING!!  That’s it for Google – now we will try something else.

Looked on Dynamic Drive and everything required PHP or Atom.

A little more searching and I found this site, CaRP Evolution.  Works like a charm!!!


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