Girl Tracks iPhone Thief Via Dropbox Picture Upload

A young woman had her iPhone stolen in Ibiza, Spain one night during an episode of drunken skinny dipping.  When she and her friends returned from their moonlit swim, all their stuff was gone: purses, passports, clothes, phones, the works.

The young man who stole the phone evidently did not think to turn off the automatic upload to Dropbox feature on her phone, and subsequently she was able to identify Hafid from Dubai, as the likely culprit, and has chronicled his life in pictures on Tumblr at Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Phone.  Check it out.  Kind of funny. My favorite pic follows.  At least she has a sense of humor.  The entire saga is documented on Sophos.

This is a cautionary tale that says keep your wits and personal belongings about you when traveling, especially abroad.  Might be a good time to pick up a burner phone and leave the real toys at home.


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