FWD: Daily Report Email Scam

If you receive an email titled “Fwd: Daily Report” from a coworker this is a malware attack.  Clicking on the attachment not only launches the Trojan horse downloader, which automatically calls out to a malicious server to download more malware, but it also emails a copy of itself to everyone in your address book.  The details of the email are below:

Email subject: FW:Daily report
Attachment name: F44907162.zip
Body: Please review attached document.

Again, please teach yourself to avoid opening file attachments or clicking on links without verifying the source of the email, the destination of the link, and the contents of the attachment.  Easiest way to verify the source is a quick reply to the sender asking them what they just sent.  If they deny all knowledge, then the email is a fraud.  Uploading the file attachment to or checking the link at VirusTotal.com will take care of the rest.

Sure, you’re in a hurry and who has time to do all this checking, anyway?  The time spent being cautious is considerably less than the time you will be without your computer when IT comes to clean it up (again!)

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