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Catch of the Day:  Adult XXX Phish

Chef’s Special:  BEC Phish

Examples of clever phish that made it past my spam filters and into my Inbox, or from clients, or reliable sources on the Internet.

I would be delighted to accept suspicious phishing examples from you.  Please forward your email to

My intention is to provide a warning, examples of current phishing scams, related articles, and education about how these scams and exploits work, and how to detect them in your own inbox.  If the pictures are too small or extend off the page, double-clicking on them will open them up in a photo viewer app.

Adult XXX Phish

I received a response email from a web site I created for phishing simulations at  Notice the clever use of sub domains to spoof the legitimate Office 465 address.

The offer in the email is simple – the chance of “intimate photos.”  Clicking on the shortened Tiny URL link resolved to  This is an adult site landing page.

Clicking on the ENTER! button link resolved to and  brought me to the following error page.

VirusTotal reported this link as malicious,

I am not sure what this exploit was after, other than perhaps some personal information and a credit card.  This started with an email responder from one of my own web sites, generated by a web form filler bot.  Again, just because you know the source doesn’t mean that the sender is ok.

New BEC Phishing Attack Steals Office 365 Credentials and Bypasses MFA

Leveraging Microsoft Exchange’s Basic Authentication support, scammers were able to use harvested online credentials and bypass any MFA in place, giving them access to mailboxes.

A new attack identified by Microsoft begins with a simple phishing campaign touting a file the recipient must read pointing to a malicious link that takes victims to a lookalike Office 365 logon page.

Once the victim offers up their credentials a “file not found” message is displayed. Now the fun starts.  More…



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