Congress is Wasting Our Money With A Fake Shut Down–Throw the Bums Out!!

Thugs with the Nazi Park Service are pulling guns on seniors and foreign tourists at Yellowstone.

Thugs at the Nazi Park Service are telling businesses that rent canoes or provide boat trips on the St Croix that they can’t run their business during the fake government shut down.

Government WEB SITES are down (whaaaa????), evidently because the government workers who provided the electricity for them by running inside giant hamster wheels or riding stationary bikes attached to generators have been furloughed.

Congress can’t figure it out – punish the citizenry – what a plan!! Next election I will vote for any candidate that is neither Republican or Democrat. Time for a third party, or a fourth. Libertarian, Green, Pirate Party, Socialist Workers Party – whatever!  Anybody would be an improvement over the buffoons that are screwing things up now.  Extra points if they are not an attorney either!

Throw the bums out!!

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