Comcast Email Users–Time to Change Your Hacked Password

As a Comcast customer, this one hits me too.  A new post on Silicon Beat tells the tale of a group called NullCrew FTS hacked 34 of Comcast’s mail servers and posted proof of their exploit online.  There is no point in taking chances, just login and change the passwords to your email addresses.  You might as well change your master account login as well.

This is a shame on Comcast moment, as they had been aware of the vulnerability to their Zimbra email server software, and evidently have done nothing to patch the vulnerability.  This includes ignoring a warning from NullCrew that they were planning to attempt the exploit.  And they have done little to nothing to warn their subscribers of this problem.

Brought to you by the same fine folks who fired Jay Leno!  It figures.


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