Automate and Delegate: Your Business Needs Freelancers and Technology!

By Carla Lopez.

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Small-business owners flying solo in the fast-paced business world are doing it all — but sometimes it might feel like too much for one person to handle. I’ve been there before — and running a business all by yourself can be a daunting thing.

But not to worry! There are several ways technology and freelance help can get your company off the ground and into a successful strategy for fulfilling your dreams — some that I’ve used myself!

Are you a solopreneur?

What is a solopreneur, really? The most basic definition of a solopreneur is someone who runs their business entirely by themselves. In theory, this sounds independent and freeing. After all, there’s no one there to tell you how to run your business or what decisions to make. In practice, it means that you’re doing all the work — and I mean all the work.

And in reality, you’re going to spend time doing some of the menial tasks of running a business (e.g., running reports, filing payroll documents, organizing invoices, etc.) instead of working on creative solutions and innovative new ideas for your company. This is where automation tools and outsourced skilled labor come in handy!

Hire freelancers for marketing and social media

There are several reasons why you should hire freelance writers in order to succeed in business. Not only do professional writers know how to tell your story well, but they also offer a fresh perspective on your workflow and can get the message across in record time. Professional writers help you figure out what you want to say and how to say it in the most effective way that will resonate with your customers.

The benefits of hiring freelancers are numerous. For one thing, you can get skilled labor with no long-term commitments, not to mention it’s often cheaper to hire freelancers since you don’t have to onboard them or provide benefits. You get the benefit of their expertise — this one specialized thing is what they do, after all, and they do it right.

Having freelancers on retainer to help you with social media, marketing campaigns, and getting your name out there can be a boost for your business and your mental health as well. After all, if you’re not worrying about how to advertise for your business and are instead focusing on innovative new ideas, you’ll feel better about the direction you’re going in. It’s just one more thing off your plate!

Automate business processes with technology

Technology can also help you simplify your business processes and get your product out the door more quickly. Automation can help companies with distribution, production, and other supply chain activities, not to mention technology support services. Human resources activities like HR document management are also easily automated by creating effective strategies for document retention and storage.

Investing in inventory and order management software can make a world of difference for businesses that operate with physical products. Management software can help you automate certain aspects of your order fulfillment process, including improving efficiency once orders are placed and providing customers with accurate shipment information. You can achieve all of this without adding a ton of extra work to your busy schedule.

Get out there!

In the long run, hiring contract workers and automating some of the back-end processes that make you want to press the “snooze” button most days will give you back the time, energy, and creative juice you need to devote to your dreams.


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