Apple – The Golden God Has Feet Of Clay

Microsoft bashing is a popular past time, which I admit to participating in myself.  And yet, I am a Windows guy, I run Vista and like it, or at least don’t hate it.  My limited experiences with the Apple OS have not impressed me that much – not better, just different, and somewhat confusing, at least in the learning stages.

One of the issues that seems to pop up when I am supporting my Windows customers is the issue of software compatibility.  "Everything was working fine until I installed…." or "I ran these updates and now my system hangs…"  Just thought it was interesting that Apple released a couple of updates that messes up Windows.  Here’s a post from John Murrell at "Good Morning Silicon Valley."

Apple extends customer-irritation program to Windows users: After a recent stretch of annoying various segments of its core constituency with an assortment of technical troubles (see "Another brush fire? Tap the goodwill reservoir"), Apple has worked its way out to its market’s edge with a glitch that hit some Windows Vista users who installed the iTunes 8 update released earlier this week. The unlucky ones found themselves staring at the Blue Screen of Death when they plugged in their iPhone or iPod.

Today, along with the release of the iPhone OS 2.1 update, which targets its own set of bugs, Apple also posted a fresh version of iTunes 8 that rolls back the version of the USB driver that apparently caused the Windows problems. Victims were advised to uninstall, download anew and reinstall. Apple also dispensed some tips for Windows XP and Vista users who are running into sync problems with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

I have noticed that my clients with iTunes installations seem to have more problems than those who do not use iTunes.  Those of you using iTunes in a business computing environment may want to reconsider how important it is to your daily effectiveness, as it comes with a computer reliability and performance cost.


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