Apple Security Via Gatekeeper

Apple’s next operating system, Mountain Lion, is coming with a new feature called Gatekeeper, which is being touted as a way to keep malware from running on your Mac.  Basically, if you have not specifically authorized an application in Gatekeeper, it shouldn’t run, and this would included malware applications.  This seems like a revision of Windows User Account Control (UAC), which is the annoying little box the pops up with a “bonk” sound, graying out your screen, as asking if you want to allow a process or application to make changes to the computer.  The basic flaw with both these features is that software usually can’t deny what the human operator allows, and the malware writers are very adept at tricking users into accepting malware applications as “upgrades", or hidden in games, utilities, browser toolbars, search assistants, and other applications.

There is an article on Sophos website that goes into more detail on this subject.  In our opinion, Mac users should plan on investing in a good security software package.


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