50% of Spam comes from Asia

Where does all the spam come from?  Well, almost half (49.7%) of it originates somewhere in Asia, with India leading the pack at 11.4%.  This does not mean that Indians or other Asians are the “perpetrators.”  What this means is that computer users in Asian have become unwitting accomplices after having their poorly secured or unsecured computers hacked and added to some cyber-criminal’s botnet.

Here are the top 10 Spam relaying countries in the world for April to June 2012.  They account for more than half of the world’s spam traffic.  Don’t get too cocky, the good old USA is number 4 at 6.2%.

1. India 11.4%
2. Italy 7.0%
3. South Korea 6.7%
4. United States 6.2%
5. Vietnam 5.8%
6. Brazil 4.4%
7. Pakistan 3.7%
8. China 3.2%
9. France 3.1%
10. Russia 2.9%
  TOTAL 54.4%

And here is another view, sorted by continent.

1. Asia 49.7%
2. Europe 26.4%
3. South America 11.2%
4. North America 8.6%
5. Africa 3.6%
6. Australia 0.5%
7. Antarctica 0.0% (go figure)

Not really a dang thing you can do about this, it is just a bit of interesting trivia that you can use to astound your family and friends at the next barbeque.  They’ll think you’ve become a nerd. Maybe, just maybe, you do have a little bit computer nerd going on! 


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