30 minute Windows 8 Preview Video

So if you are wondering if Windows 8 is for you, or if you want to know what is different in Windows 8, take 30 minutes to watch this video from Tek Syndicate on YouTube.

I am still trying to figure out if Windows 8 is the “next big thing” or if it will suffer the fate of Windows Vista.  It is a major change in the user experience.  Not more start button and task bar.

On the plus side, Windows Mobile 8 which was launched yesterday on the Nokia 920 phone, the tablet version of the Windows 8, and the desktop/laptop version are the same operating system, which should provide easy syncing and sharing between Windows 8 devices.  I am told Win 8 screams on a tablet.  If you are moving to a multi-device work environment, this attribute may make it a winner for you.

If you are the typical user who is not a power user, just wants to surf and read email, it is a toss-up.  Your familiar Windows opening screen that has remained pretty much the same since Windows 95 is being replaced by the new active tiles of the Metro interface.  Don’t like change?  You will probably hate this.

For the business user, this is just pointless.  The tiles support features such as Facebook and other web connected time wasters that most businesses do not want their employees spending business time on.  Plus there is the whole learning curve with the new interface, and of course there is no training budget for that in these lean times.

Take a look below and decide for yourself…


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