Sunday Funnies – A Day In The Life

What I say: I’m a computer support technician.

What people hear: I can resolve any tech issue you have or ever will have on any machine that exisits in the universe. I am an expert on every operating system and software application ever written.  I am jacked into the Matrix at all times. I am an IT god – look upon me with awe.

What I mean: Sometimes I try to fix a problem with a computer and when it doesn’t work, I silently cry. When it does work, most of the time I don’t know why it worked. Often, the same solution will work the next time, but sometimes not. I don’t know why that happens either.  People are always amazed when I fix their computer, and think I am a genius.  I’m not so sure about that.  But thanks anyway.


About the Author:

Cybersecurity analyst, pen-tester, trainer, and speaker. Owner of the WyzCo Group Inc. In addition to consulting on security products and services, Bob also conducts security audits, compliance audits, vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. Bob also teaches Cybersecurity Awareness Training classes. Bob works as an instruction for CompTIA’s non-profit IT-Ready Program in the Twin Cities. IT-Ready is a tuition free 8-week program designed to teach students of all ages the fundamentals of IT support to prepare them for an entry level position in Information Technology Support. Graduates of the classes take the exams to become CompTIA A+ certified. Bob is a frequent speaker at conferences such as the Minnesota Bloggers Conference, Secure360 Security Conference2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, the (ISC)2 World Congress 2016, and the ISSA International Conference 2017, and many local community organizations, including Chambers of Commerce, SCORE, and several school districts. Bob has been blogging on cybersecurity since 2006 at

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