Happy Independence Day

I am taking a break from my normal publishing routine to celebrate the founding of our country by the scruffy band of traitors, insurgents, and terrorists, led by rich, white slaveholders, that put their lives at stake to create this great nation.

As far as the English Crown was concerned, they were a bunch of traitors and rabble-rousers.   One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.  Had the British won, George and Tom and John and the boys would have been hanged or shot and history would have branded them as traitorous, murdering criminals.  But the Revolutionaries won in the end, and Loyalists were shot, hanged, or packed off to Canada or England instead.  And the United States of America was born.  The story may not be pretty, but it is a great story nonetheless.

Just to be clear, I am glad the Revolutionaries won.  I am happy and proud to be an American, in spite of all our obvious flaws.   I am opposed to the cleansing of American history by a small vocal band of well-intentioned but misguided activists.  We need to keeping looking at the ugly parts of our history so we don’t end up repeating them.  I admit those flaws, embrace and celebrate them.  This country is great in spite of our flaws and the uglier parts of our history.  This is still the land of Liberty, a country that everyone turns to in time of crisis, a place where foreign-born immigrants still flock in order to create a life of freedom and prosperity.  So Happy Birthday America!


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