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Google AI teaches itself ‘superhuman’ chess skills in four hours

Google’s “superhuman” AlphaZero artificial intelligence (AI) taught itself chess from scratch in four hours. Then, it wiped the floor with the former world-leading chess software, Stockfish 8.  Out of 100 matches, AlphaZero won 28 games and drew (tied) the remaining 72.

So long AOL Instant Messenger

As AIM rides off into the sunset, let’s reflect on its role in preparing people for today’s digital messaging methods.

Hidden keylogger found on HP laptops  ITProPortal


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 TA14-017A: UDP-Based Amplification Attacks

Original release date: January 17, 2014  Updated on: December 4, 2017

Systems Affected

Certain application-layer protocols that rely on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) have been identified as potential attack vectors. These include

  • Domain Name System (DNS),
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP),
  • Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (CLDAP),
  • Character Generator Protocol (CharGEN),
  • Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP),
  • BitTorrent,
  • Simple Network Management Protocol version 2 (SNMPv2),
  • Kad,
  • Portmap/Remote Procedure Call (RPC),
  • Quote of the Day (QOTD),
  • Multicast Domain Name System (mDNS),
  • Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS),
  • Quake Network Protocol,
  • Steam Protocol,
  • Routing Information Protocol version 1 (RIPv1), and
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

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