Sunday Funnies: Sharks vs. Selfies

Darwinism in Action

xtreme-selfieMashable reported to wide popularity in September that in 2015, more people have died taking selfies than in shark attacks.  The score is Fatal Selfies 12 vs. Sharks 8.  Either way not a huge risk, something tells me that lightning strikes score higher (according to NOAA – 26) than either of these.  The reason this statistic is so popular is the same reason we find stories and videos of people walking into phone poles while texting so funny.

Many of these are head-scratchers, like the death by selfie that involves two guys posing with a live grenade – really??  Then there is the woman who was killed taking a selfie with a bison.  What was she thinking?

xtreme-selfie1There is a an Instagram site called extremeselfies.  The pictures here are from that site.

To read more on this see the following stories:


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