Sunday Funnies – Got Sleep Apnea? Learn the Didgeridoo

Just don’t play it too late at night

Sleep apnea can not only cause annoying snoring, but the associated lack of sleep can drive people crazy or even kill them. Treatments often include bulky continuous positive airway pressure devices that pump air into a person’s throat to keep their airway open. But an ancient Australian instrument has turned out to be a much more interesting and less invasive treatment. A group of Swiss sleep researchers had 25 patients with moderate sleep apnea learn to play the didgeridoo as a way to strengthen the muscles of their airways and help them breathe better while sleeping. The results, published in a 2006 study, found that after regularly playing the instruments, the patients (and their long-suffering partners) reported sleeping much better and with less snoring. For this finding, the researchers were awarded the 2017 Ig Nobel Prize for peace.

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