Sunday Funnies: Eating

I started working the Ketogenic or “Paleo” diet plan about 6 months ago.  The goal:  lose 30 pounds and turn my keg back into a six pack.  I am not going to write a huge article here, this is supposed to be funny.  But if you are someone who goes in the out door, goes grocery shopping after midnight to avoid the crowds, and buys stocks when everybody else is selling – you are a contrarian, and this diet plan might be for you.

The body can use sugar or fat for energy.  Modern diets are full of starches and sugars, or carbohydrates, Keto basically replaces sugar metabolism (pre-diabetes, insulin resistance) with fat metabolism.  By nearly eliminating carbs, and increasing fats, you force your body to burn the stored fat in your body that is so hard to remove.  So with no further explanation – here’s the gag.  Me at the restaurant.


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