OpenDNS Umbrella – Web Filtering and Security for SMBs

OpenDNSA great product for quickly and easily adding web site filtering to your organization is OpenDNS Umbrella.  OpenDNS was recently purchased by Cisco Systems.  OpenDNS is another featured security product that is part of the Managed Services program here at CIT.

The way OpenDNS works is that all of your traffic to and from the Internet is run through the proxy server cloud at OpenDNS.  In addition to protecting your organization of time-wasting social media and gaming sites, they also block access to other objectionable sites by group or as individually specified by you.  This includes adult, gambling, hate speech and other sites that can cause HR problems for your business.

More importantly, OpenDNS can keep your users from accidentally or purposely downloading malware by blocking sites know to be dangerous, or that may be destination sites for phishing and spearphishing email links.  Properly configured, OpenDNS can be a effective and inexpensive addition to  your perimeter defenses, and should pay for itself in reduced service calls for malware incident remediation.

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