Multi-Platform Malware

This comes under the heading of “it was inevitable.”  There is a new malware product that runs effectively on both Windows and Linux systems.  Since OSx looks a lot like Linux under the hood, can a Win/Lin/Mac triple-threat be far away?  Called “WellMess,” this malware takes advantage of the dual platform capabilities of Google’s Golang programming language to work.

WellMess malware operates on Linux via ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) and on Windows via Portable Executables. The malware allows the attacker to execute commands, run PowerShell scripts, and upload and download files. The commands are sent to the infected host using encrypted HTTP POST requests.  Communication from the infected system back to the CNC server via encrypted cookies.  The CNC servers controlling the infected systems are in places such as Lithuania, Sweden, The Netherlands, and China.  JPCERT has a free tool that can decrypt the cookies for analysis.

Currently the exploit seems to be targeting Japanese company networks, but we can expect this exploit to show up elsewhere.  If you are running Linux, installing the ClamAV anti-malware tool is a good step to prevent this and other Linux malware infections.


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