Facebook to Simplify Privacy and Security Dashboard

In the aftermath of the story about Cambridge Analytica violating the privacy of Facebook users, Facebook has announced plans to centralize and streamline the tortuous task of managing your privacy and security settings.

These changes are important, but actually do not solve the root problem, which is Facebook’s rather laissez-faire manner of managing app developers and data integrators who use the Facebook platform.

The promised  improvements are:

  • Creating a simpler centralized settings menu.  Especially on the mobile Facebook app, setting are consolidated from over a dozen screen to a single screen.  This will explicitly show what information will and won’t be shared with an app.  Similar improvement are promised to laptop and computer users.
  • Data editing and download tools.  The new “Access Your Information” page will show what personal information Facebook has saved about you, including posts, comments, likes, shares, and photos.  You will be able to edit and delete items you no longer want on Facebook.
  • 2FA login.  You will be able to manage your two-factor settings in the same screen.
  • Privacy shortcuts.   You can see and delete posts, manage ad preferences, and control who is allowed to see your content.
  • Delete account.  Facebook even says it is going to make it easier to jump off the Facebook bandwagon by putting the account closing function in an easier to find location.

These are good improvements, and if you have been kicking the can down the road on this issue, perhaps the new changes will make it easier for you to finally review and tighten your security and privacy settings on Facebook.

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