Elections in America

TGIO – Thank God its over.
And to the two major political parties, I say – do you take us for idiots?  Patty Wetterling’s attack ads (not authorized by any candidate) made rival Michelle Bachmann appear to be in favor of sending our children to work in meth labs with pedophiles.  The other candidates ads were hardly any better.  the bitter, vitriolic tone of the advertising this campaign went beyond any voter’s ability to believe the claims.
Hey dodoheads – how about telling us where YOU stand on the issues.  Oh, that’s right, because your actual positions on so many of the issues are just about as far from the mainstream as possible, and the truth would cost you votes.  Better to make up lies about the opposition.
During the frenzied last two weeks of the campaign, I was telephoned at home as many as twelve times a day by one campaign or another.  I find it especially galling to be on the Federal Do Not Call List, and be vicitmized in my own home by the people who wrote themselves a loophole in this law.  The difference between lawyers and thieves is seven years of college.  I find it irritating that these vermin get themselves elected to the legislature, and spend most of their time writing laws that guarantee them plently of work when we finally vote them out of office, only to replace them with another one with the same motives.  Public service?  Ha!  Most of them are in it for the connections, the opportunity to create more work for themselves and their attorney cohorts, for the fabulous government pensions that far surpass anything you or I are likely to enjoy in our own retirement.
So they say we get the governement that we deserve.  I don’t know, I think we deserve better.  And today, monarchy seems like a great alternative.  Just one guy to fire when stuff gets weird.


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