Drive-By Trojan Downloader Compromises Security

One of my collegues sent a link to a BBC article about the Sinowal Trojan horse , which is also known as Torpig and Mebroot. This trojan installs itself on victims’ computers when they simply visit certain web sites, and collects banking and credit card information and reports back to the what appear to be eastern European and Russian criminal gangs, such as the Russin Business Network. Links to the article are here.

Your best form of protection is to be running a broad spectrum Internet Security Suite, such as AVG, ZoneAlarm, or Norton, that has a paid for subscription and up-to-date virus and spyware definitions. Using Internet Explorer 7 also adds a level for protection from known mailicious sites and phishing sites. If you are running Windows Vista, the User Account Control feature should also offer a measure of protection.


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