Sunday Funnies – Walmart Cashiers

walmart-cashiersFrom Pinterest.  As we approach the holiday season, we ask ourselves the perennial question – Why did Walmart put 24 checkout aisles in the store if they are only going to open 5 of them?

They remodeled the Walmart in Stillwater (actually Oak Park Heights) maybe ten years ago, and tore out a bunch of merchandise space to put in two dozen checkout ...

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Sunday Funnies? Chainsaw Safety

So what is this guy doing wrong?  His stance has Darwin Awards written all over it.  May not kill him, but will definitely take him out of the gene pool.

chainsaw-safetyAs a chainsaw owner who has a nifty chainsaw scar below my left knee, I have come to appreciate the importance chainsaw safety and proper usage.

  • Keep the chain sharp.  In fact have several spare ...
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Sunday Funnies – Vote Early, Vote Often

Tuesday we get to vote for president again.  Worried about the security of electronic voting machines?  You are not alone, but you would not find any political or election officials in your group.  They think everything is fine!  The fact that your next president may be elected by the Russian Cyber Army is OK, I guess.  So that means Trump.

Here’s a little humor to make the nightmare seems more acceptable.

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