Sunday Funnies – Old Tech Lives

8-inch-floppy-diskNot sure how funny this is.  According to, the U.S. Department of Defense still uses floppy disks for its Strategic Automated Command and Control System.

The system is still in use because, according to the a Pentagon spokesman, “it works.”  He also was touting the built in “security” in using a technology so old that most modern hackers would not be familiar ...

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Sunday Funnies: Politics in Action

Another election year.  Use your vote carefully. Vote early, vote often.  Remember, a vote for a third party candidate is just like “none of the above.”

Thanks to my Uncle Ron, I have an example of politics in action for your amusement.

So I told my son “I want you to marry a girl of my choice!”

He said “NO!”

I told him its Bill Gates daughter!!!!

He said “OKAY!”

Got in contact with Bill Gates & told him “I want your daughter to marry my son!”

He said “NO!”

I Told him ...

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Sunday Funnies: Social Engineering in Action

Here’s another look at social engineering.  Another safe for everyone joke from Aaron at Miller Brothers.

A man went to his lawyer and told him, “My neighbor owes me $500 and he won’t pay up. What should I do?”

“Do you have any proof he owes you the money?” asked the lawyer.

“Nope,” replied the man.

“OK, then write him a letter asking him for the $5,000 he owed you,” said the lawyer.

“But it’s only $500,” replied the man.

“Precisely. That’s what he will reply ...

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Sunday Funnies: Lost in Translation

Thanks to (The insults in other languages that sound the strangest in English) for these nuggets.  Inspired by cjmerc39’s Reddit post.

  1. Vai a quel paese (Italian)
    Literally: Go to that country.
    Means: Go to hell.
  2. China, I’m going to donner you (South African English)
    Literally: Friend, I’m going to thunder you.
    Means: I’m going to beat you up.
  3. Anda a ver si el gallo puso (Venezuelan Spanish)
    Literally: Go see if the rooster laid an egg.
    Means: Go away, stop bothering me.
  4. Estás ...
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