Sunday Funnies – Funny SSID Names

Here are some clever ideas for funny wireless network names.  Also called a Service Set Identifier or (SSID).  Plus a funny story about one of those names.

From Naked Security:  Why ‘remote detonator’ is a bad name for your Wi-Fi network.  Police and a bomb sniffing dog were called.

Top fifty funniest SSID names: (from

Here are the top ten:

  1. It Burns When IP
  2. I’m Under Your Bed
  3. Pretty Fly ...
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Sunday Funnies – Major Attorney Fails

We have more attorneys per person in America than any other country on the planet.  This causes problems, because there are too many attorneys chasing too few ambulances, and not enough real attorney work to go around.  It has long been my contention that the attorneys we elect to public office, in the Legislatures, Courts, and Executive branches of our governments are the ...

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