Don’t Miss It! I am a featured speaker next Tuesday at Joule Cram Day


Joule U . CRAM DAY

Tuesday . September 26 2017

Learn something new! Attend one, some or all.

My presentation, Shields Up for WordPress Websites and Blogs is from 2:30 to 3:30.

I know many of the other speakers and this looks like a terrific lineup.  Block out the day and get some valuable information you can ...

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Phishing Protection In Outlook and Office 365

There are four ways that a typical business user on a Microsoft Outlook/Exchange/Office 365 platform can utilize.  While these may not be perfect, and all of them have issues, applying these solutions will help prevent your users for falling victim to phishing emails.  These solutions are additive, and each additional solution deployed provides a further layer of protection.

Junk Mail Filter – Outlook comes with a built-in Junk Mail filter that, while ...

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Don’t miss Security B-Sides MSP 2017! This Weekend, June 24-25

Security B-Sides 2017

Sat/Sun, Jun 24-25

Minneapolis Convention Center

1301 Second Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Tickets: $20 cash at the door, starting at 8am

Security B-Sides is Minnesota’s grassroots Security and Technology Conference. This popular and economical event is filled with learning opportunities!!

Keynote Talks

  • “Bringing the Body’s Electrical Signals Out of the Body and Designing Interfaces Therein” by Timothy Marzullo
  • “Social Engineering The News” by ...
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Start Your Cybersecurity Plan

There are a number of great frameworks for developing your cybersecurity plan.  Two of our favorites are the NIST-CSF and the 20 CIS Controls.  We have written about these excellent tools before here (CIS Controls) and here (NIST-CSF).

Back in December we received an email from Pete Herzog of ISECOM about a new, open-source methodology manual for cybersecurity defense. ...

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CIS Controls Can Help You Stop Cyber Attacks

cislogowebOn of the more hopeful presentations from the Cyber Security Summit was presented by Tony Sager from the Center for Internet Security.  Titled “Making Best Practices Common Practices: The CIS Controls,” Tony provided us with a road map for implementing secure practices in our networks.

There are 20 CIS controls.  Tony said that implementing the first 5 (20%) would reduce your risk by 80%.  You ...

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More Notes from the Cyber Security Summit 2016

cyber-security-summit-2016On Wednesday we looked at several of the important takeaways from this year’s Cyber Security Summit.  Here are a few more.

  • Small businesses need to stop using public email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail for their business email.  User credentials for 500,000 Yahoo email accounts have been stolen, and it could happen to the others.  If you have a domain name you are using for a web site, then you should ...
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Notes from the Cyber Security Summit 2016

cyber-security-summit-2016A couple of weeks ago I attended the Minneapolis Cyber Security Summit 2016 at the J.W. Marriot Hotel in Bloomington Minnesota.  There were two days of presentations on cybersecurity issues, and here are a few of the takeaways for small and medium sized business owners.

  • There are 28 million small businesses in the United States.  The Small Business Administration classifies a business with fewer than 500 employees as a small business.
  • Small businesses account ...
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NIST Offers Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

NISTNIST has created a self assessment tool for companies and organization who are working through the NIST Cyber Security Framework (NIST-CSF).  This tool is called the Baldridge Cybersecurity Excellence Bulder and is designed to help companies implement the principles of the CSF.

According to NIST, organizations can use the Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder to:

  • Identify cybersecurity-related activities that are critical to business strategy ...
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