Congress Acts To Secure Electronic Voting Machines

As long as we are on the subject of election rigging and tampering, it is notable that Congress has finally weighed in on the subject of insecure and hackable electronic voting machines.  According to a recent TechDirt article, “A new bipartisan bill has been introduced, called the Secure Elections Act, that would actually target insecure e-voting machines.

This bill, if it should pass, is long overdue, and requires changes to the way electronic voting would be allowed in the states, including:

  • Encourage states to go back to paper balloted election systems so there is a verifiable audit train that would ensure accuracy, especially in election recounts.
  • Perform pre-election inspections and  post-election audits of electronic voting machines to ensure accurate vote counting.

This would be a step in the right direction to ensure that elections can’t be hijacked at the polling place.  Social media campaigns, misinformation campaigns, and hacking state voter registration systems by the Russians are bad enough.  Do we really want to let them vote too?


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