Charles Cooper at Cnet is Deranged

Charles Cooper, and editor at a technology magazine, has written a column titled Web2.0 as a metaphor for "rip-off"I found the entire premise of this column to be ridiculous, and I posted this comment on the Cnet site.  Click on the blue link above to read the original article, and contribute a comment of your own.

Great Column… For A Fossil

Reader post by: rmweiss 
Posted on: October 20, 2006, 1:10 PM PDT

Hey Dunderhead!

How is what Google does any different that what my public library does? The library indexes content and gives it away for free to people who probably won’t buy the book. Doesn’t the Public Library System, using your analysis, injure content producers too?

Google doesn’t profit from ripping off other people’s content. It profits from advertsing, just like your magazine and other print media do. All Google does is direct traffic to your own site, where maybe you can make some money from advertsing, too, just like your print division. Seems like I saw ads all around your "think-piece". Is Google stealing that revenue too?

Maybe you should quit trying to turn back time. New inventions always have an unpleasant way of hurting exisitng products and markets. The smart ones figure out how to adapt to the new reality, and the dumb ones write columns about the good old days. Please retire now, and turn in your old 386 while you are at it.


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